Siamo un “open network” europeo di persone esperte in vari campi: Comunicazione, Progettazione Europea, Project Management, ICT, Arti Grafiche, Grafica Web, Fotografia, Video, Formazione Professionale. Grazie a loro, i progetti di OpenCom hanno sempre contenuti, prestazioni e risultati eccellenti.

Daniele Gelli
It & Web Architect, Web design, Consultant in CMS, WordPress and Joomla, Programming in HTML, PHP, CSS, FLASH, Photography

Elli Tsatala
Translation, copywriting Trilingual English Language and Literature graduate (Greek, English, Italian); Prior experience as editor, translator and copywriter.

Mercedes María Mira Costa
Expert Horizon2020 Industrial Technical Engineering. Speciality Electricity Master’s degree on Renewable Energy and Energy Sustainability

Leonardo Ezequiel Olivito
Expert in Motion Graphics Expert in motion graphics, VFX, television formats and video productions. Author of manual “Animación y efectos especiales con Adobe After Effects”.

Dusan Bozic
Project Manager Junior Erasmus+ projects planning and management; International Relations with Balcans Area and East Europe;

Ilija Perić
Design, Photography, Video production Design and production of visual identities, various events, brand development, photo and video production

Gordon Turriziani
Editorial illustrator specializing in vector illustration. Specialized in illustrations for children and creating characters.

Loreto Pantano
Graphic design – Advertsing – Branding – Print Design – Art direction



Alisa Selishchava
Director of Photography, also Video Operator and Editor.
Have deep knowledges in video production.


  • Mechanical means of communication are very important, but they are only helpful tools; nothing can replace the personal encounter between human beings –William G. Werner

  • The greatest barrier to effective communication is the tendency to evaluate what another person is saying and therefore to misunderstant or to not really “hear”. –Carl Rogers

  • The issue is to communicate; language of communication is irrelevant –Aldo Nove

  • Minds are like parachutes. They only work if they are open.–Albert Einstein