IPA Cross Border Project Albania & Montenegro

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IPA Cross Border Project Albania & Montenegro

Joint Action Plan for the Ecologic Defence of Cemi River and the Sustainable Environmental Development of the Cross Border Area

The project

The project aims to increase collaboration between stakeholders from both cross-bordering areas on the sustainable management of natural resources. Collaboration needs to be conscious because benefits have to be completely understood from all stakeholders in all the scientific, naturalistic, economic and social aspects, and they have to be connected with the health and life quality of inhabitants and future generations. Awareness raising aims to make all stakeholders understand why protection of natural resources as well as joint collaboration is important. Capacity building aims to transfer the necessary tools for implementing successfully the concrete cross-border action plan in this direction. www.cemiriver.eu


The action will produce outputs that will be used in the territory that goes from Commune of Kelmend (AL) to Urban Municipality of Tuzi (MNE), an area of 353 km2 in Albania and 245m2 field area plus mountain area in Montenegro, which is situated along Cemi River.

Urban Municipality of Tuzi consists of 8 local villages (Tuzi, Hot, Sukruq, Vuksanlekaj, Vrane, Dinosha, Milesh and Triesh) with a population of about 12,000 inhabitants.

Commune of Kelmend consists as well of 8 villages (Vermoshi, Lepusha, Selca, Tamara, Broja, Kozhnja, Vukli, Nikci) and a population of circa 6,800 inhabitants.

Both areas are wet by Cemi River, largest river in the region of the Alps with a length of 58.8 km, from which 26.5 km belong to Albania and 32.3 km to Montenegro. Cemi River’s basin has an area of 368 km ², approximately the size of Skadar Lake. Of these 238 km² belong to Albania, and 130 km² to Montenegro. The head of Cemi river is averagely 1,237 m above sea level high, while 58% of its flow is located at an altitude of 200-1500 m. Cemi River has two main branches and coveres an area of 234 km²: Cemi of Vukli, 17.9 km long with an area of 132 km ² and Cemi of Selca with a length of 22.5 km, about 102 km². They both join near Tamar Bridge. From the Tamar Bridge up to the border of Montenegro (Grabon), the two branches cover a basin of 21 km². The bed river is raised to the height of 900 m, which is the highest level.

The River interests a population of about 3,053 inhabitants in Montenegro (about 12 settlements) and about 250 houses in Kelmend. The Canyon of Cemi River, which is situated in Montenegro and is part of the Ecologic Local Plan of Podgorica up to 2014, interests other 9 settlements and a population of 2,690 inhabitants.

The specific objectives:

1. Defend the area against erosion implement a concrete strategy
2. Ecologic defense of Cemi River (assure poor waste management and urban waste management, tackle illegal fishing);
3. Involve Albanian and Montenegrin young people in joint environmentally-friendly activities;
4. Transfer best practices from European to local stakeholders.

Project’s activities focus on:

– capacity building, know-how transfer to Public Authorities and Civil Society Organizations,
– awareness raising of families, fishermen, landowners and farmers,
– actions that target children.

Cemi project outputs:

– Nr. 1 Study on ecologic defense of Cemi River and feasibility of eco-tourism development in the area;
– Nr. 2 years social awareness raising campaign on environment protection;
– Nr. 8 quarterly journals;
– Training for nr. 40 civil servants and nr. 40 representatives of civil society
– Nr. 2 manuals of Best Practices (for Decision Makers and Civil Society Organizations);
– Camping and hands-on activities near Cemi River for nr. 80 children;
– Nr. 1 handbook for children;
– Nr. 2 International Exhibitions for nr. 200 landowners and famers each;
– Cross-border network of local councils and civil society organizations for implementation of joint action plan;
– Nr. 2 info points for free consultancy of stakeholders and project’s sustainability;
– Nr. 4 brochures for awareness raising of inhabitants;
– Nr. 4 cartoons for children;
– Awareness raising items: posters, leaflets, roll-up, warning signs, t-shirts, stationary with project’s logo.

Final benefit:

The ecologic defense of Cemi River will increased at 50% percent in the 3 coming years.

Project applicants:

Albania: Commune of Kelmend
Montenegro: Urban Municipality of Tuzi
Project partners:
Albania: Hope for the Future Association
Montenegro: Green Home Association
Italy: OpenCom Association

OpenCom role:

OpenCom is coordinator of Work Package 3 “Social Awareness Raising Campaign on the importance of protection and promotion of the environment and natural heritage”. The role of OpenCom is to implement a social awareness raising campaign in order to strengthen cross-border cooperation between Albanian and Montenegrin local councils and NGOs on natural resources management, protection and promotion for a common, sustainable and conscious socio-economic development. The specific objective is to create and realize attractive, effective, target oriented and replicable illustrations, designs and videos for all project’s outputs, associated with related outputs’ contents, themes, issues and objectives.

The project Experts involved:

Loreto Pantano, Graphics and Design;
Gordon Turriziani, Illustrations;
Leonardo Olivito, Motion Graphics


01.01.2014 > 31.12.15


“CEMI” Project is co-funded by the European Union, IPA Cross-Border Programme Albania-Montenegro, 2007-2013  Economic, Environment and Social Development Grant Scheme, 3° Call for Proposals – Measure 1.2: Environment protection and promotion.

For information and involvement:

Erina Guraziu