Tourism Training Towards Europe
2 October 2014



Creative Industry is an important engine for European economy. The sector is composed by innovative enterprises, with high economic potential. They contribute at 7% of EU GPD. Italy, the other member states and European Commission have pointed out the need to create new and favourable conditions for the growth of a new entrepreneurial culture focused on creativity and innovation (EC Communication 2020 – A European strategy for smart, sustainable and inclusive growth, COM2010-2020). An important factor for keeping competitiveness of a such sector, which makes quality its ace in the hole is to improve competences of human resources.


72 young Italians will qualify their competences with a 2 months training in a sector enterprise in Greece, Malta, Portugal, United Kingdom, Spain.

The project will:

  • transfer participants knowledge for working in the sectors of fashion, dress and jewellery;
  • fulfil participants gap between hands-on training and future professional/university experience, by offering knowledge, experiential and language tools for continuing a career or university studies;
  • offer participants the chance to be more competitiveness in the labour market, increasing: technical competences, experiential and soft skills;
  • improve participants’ knowledge of foreign languages.


Italian students (age 18/21) enrolled in artistic VET (EQF Level 2, basic knowledge of the sector) or newly graduated (less than 1 year) (EQF Level 3). Study sections: art of jewellery and metal, art of textile, art of fashion and dress.


Activities are divided into 3 Macro-phases:

  1. Mobilities preparation:
  2. Transnational training Mobilities implementation: 8 weeks.
  3. Cross-sectional activities


Consorzio Arezzo Fashion will manage and coordinate the project. The work plan in the company will be organized according to procedure ECVET. At the end of the two month internship host companies will evaluate the results achieved through examination, which will follow a final evaluation. After receiving the report, students will receive a Certificate Europass Mobility by the National Erasmus +.


Leaning outcomes will be expressed in terms of knowledge, skills and competences. 72 students, who have carried out at leat 80% of training and have succeeded the final exam, will receive the Europass Mobility Certificate, where LOs will be validated.


The project will involve:

  • 8 artistic VETs in 8 Italian regions, covering all Italian macro-areas (Abruzzo, Calabria, Friuli Venezia Giulia, Piemonte, Puglia, Toscana, Sicilia);
  • 72 students and/or newly graduated (less than 1 year);
  • 10 transnational partners in 5 European countries (EL, MT, PT, UK, ES);
  • disadvantaged students participation will be enhanced (1 person per VET)


Expected project impact will be: local, regional, national and European:

  • young people employability in creative industries will be enhanced;
  • Italian and European creative industries will be enhanced, thanks to the creation of European and national networks.

Dissemination plan will enlarge project impact, improving its sustainability and highlighting European added value. It will be coordinated by the partner OpenCom: non profit organisation, specialised in social communication.

Photo By Nic Taylon